Cécile Caby

Cécile Caby is Professor of medieval history at Université Lumière Lyon 2. Her research deals with monastic practices at the end of the Middle Ages, and with the transformation of humanistic practices in the religious orders in urban contexts. Her most recent work was published in 2018, Autoportrait d’un moine en humaniste. Girolamo Aliotti (1412-1480). She has also co-edited collective works, and has participated in the collective edition and Latin-French translation of La Vie d’Isarn abbé de Saint-Victor.

2 libri in elenco
  • Religious Reform and the Laity in Late Medieval Europe
    edited by Miri Rubin
    2020, pp. 152
    € 39,00 -5% € 37,05
  • Ambrogio Massari da Cori, agostiniano: cultura umanistica e committenza artistica
    A cura di Carla Frova, Raimondo Michetti e Domenico Palombi
    2008, pp. 244
    € 33,00 -5% € 31,35