Tomás A. Mantecón Movellán

Tomás A. Mantecón Movellán is Full-Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Cantabria. He was a visiting member of the Darwin College in Cambridge (1995 and 1996), Guest Lecturer at the Erasmus Rotterdam University (1997), Guest Researcher at the Federico II University of Naples (2007-2008) and Visiting Professor at l’EHESS (Paris, 2015). His research deals with popular religiosity, uses of justice, integration and social deviance and exclusion. He is author of about 140 publications in different languages. Among them: Counter-Reformation and Popular Religion in Cantabria (Santander, 1990); Conflict and Social Discipline in Rural Cantabria (Santander, 1997); La muerte de Antonia Isabel Sánchez (Alcalá, 1998; and Verona, 2014, in Italian); Spain in times of Enlightenment (Madrid, 2013).

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