Antal Molnár

Antal Molnár, historian of the Modern Age, current director of the Hungarian Academy, Associate Professor at the University of Budapest, researcher and department head of the Centre for Humanistic Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of History (Budapest). Prof. Molnár’s research interests have mainly to do with religious themes, with particular focus on the Catholic missions and the merchant world of the Balkans. He has published 12 books and some hundred articles. Among his publications in languages other than Hungarian: Le Saint-Siège, Raguse et les missions catholiques de la Hongrie Ottomane 1572-1647, Roma-Budapest 2007; Eine Handelsgesellschaft aus Ragusa im osmanischen Ofen. Geschichte und Dokumente der Gesellschaft von Scipione Bona und Marino Bucchia (1573–1595), Budapest 2009.

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