Luiz Mott

Luiz Mott is a former Professor of History and Anthropology at the Universidade Federal da Bahia. He is a pioneer in the history of sodomy and homosexual relationships in the Portuguese world. Among his numerous essays, “Pagode português: a subcultura gay em Portugal nos tempos inquisitoriais”, in Ciência e Cultura (1980); “Love’s Labors Lost: Five Letters from a Seventeenth-Century Portuguese Sodomite”, Journal of Homosexuality (1988); and “Crypto-Sodomites in Colonial Brazil”, in Infamous Desire: Male Homosexuality in Colonial Latin America, ed. by P. Sigal (Chicago, 2003).

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  • Sexual Transgressions in Islam and Christianity (10th-18th Centuries)
    edited by Umberto Grassi
    2020, pp. 174
    € 30,00 -5% € 28,50
  • Il desiderio omosessuale nel mondo islamico e cristiano, secc. XII-XX
    A cura di Umberto Grassi e Giuseppe Marcocci
    2015, pp. 220
    € 25,00 -5% € 23,75