Susanna Peyronel Rambaldi

Susanna Peyronel Rambaldi lectured in Modern History and History of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation at Milan University. She focused mainly on political-religious history in the 16th and 17th centuries, the history of the Italian Reformation, the history of the Inquisition in Italy, and, more recently, the political and religious activity of the ladies of the great Italian family courts. Her previous works include a volume she edited together with Letizia Arcangeli, Donne di potere nel Rinascimento (Viella, 2008) and the original Italian edition of this book, Una gentildonna irrequieta. Giulia Gonzaga fra relazioni familiari e relazioni eterodosse (Viella, 2012).

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  • A Gentlewoman in the Italian Reformation
    Susanna Peyronel Rambaldi
    2021, pp. 300
    € 49,00 -5% € 46,55
  • A cura di Letizia Arcangeli e Susanna Peyronel
    2008, pp. 832
    € 55,00 -5% € 52,25