Thierry Ganchou

Thierry Ganchou is Ingénieur d‘études at the CNRS in Paris. His main field of study concerns the Palaiologan period in Byzantium, focussing on political, economic and cultural history, and the 14th- and 15th-century Byzantine elites, especially in the light of Italian archive sources. His recent publications include the study Sujets grecs crétois de la Sérénissime à Constantinople à la veille de 1453 (Iôannès Tortzélos et Nikolaos Pôlos) (2015); a study on the testament of the Byzantine aristocrat Georgios Gudeles (2010), and contributions to the collective volume Constantinople 1453. Des Byzantins aux Ottomans (2016), dedicated to the sources on the Conquest of Constantinople 1453, in translation.

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