Edoardo Tabasso

Edoardo Tabasso, Ph.D. in Sociology of Communication at the University of Florence, is professor at the Master in Institutional Advertising, Multimedia Communication and Event Creation, University of Florence, and at the Italian Diplomatic Academy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italian Government). He is research collaborator at the University of Florence and founding member of the Italian-French university study center Réseau pour l’étude des thèories du complot and scientific director of ThinkThankYou, research center aimed at promoting and creating original cultural economy proposals. He has multiple research interests: sociological and ethnographic research, media, new organizational paradigms and cultural and creative industries (in particular cinema, TV, pop music and digital media). Member of the scientific committee of the journal Mirabilis (Nivi Group). Journalist and TV commentator of foreign policy analyst for Italian and international newsmedia. Author of many books and articles in Italian, English and Spanish. Among his works: The Cinematographic Italian Miracle. Producers Among Colossal Ambitions, Authorial Disasters and Flights from the Genres, in Popular culture: A Reader, ed. by Beatriz Pena Acuna and Otto Von Feigenblatt (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013); Breve storia sociale della comunicazione (with Zeffiro Ciuffoletti, Rome: Carocci, 2007); Raccontarsi. La passione narrativa nel cinema e nella Tv (Florence: Le lettere, 2008); Da Modugno a X Factor Musica e società italiana dal dopoguerra a oggi (with Marco Bracci, Rome: Carocci, 2010).

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  • Media, Products, Imageries
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