Bernardo Valli

Bernardo Valli is professor of Media and Brand Studies at the Universiy of Urbino “Carlo Bo”. He teaches Sociology of Mass Media and Brand Languages for the M.A. in Information, Media and Advertising and Sociology of Brand for the B.A. in Communication and Promotion for Organizations. He is Provost for External Relations at the same university where he also founded and directs the Research Labarotory “Image Lab” on audiovisual languages. During the last years he has been investigating the topics of fashion, branding and the development of made in Italy. He has been Dean of the School of Sociology at the University of Urbino from 2005 till 2013 and Director of the School for Fashion Designers at the same University from 1996 till 2005. He is the director of the editorial series “Materiali per la Comunicazione” for the publishing house Liguori. Among his most important publications: La comunicazione dell’Immateriale (Naples: Liguori, 2003); Il luogo dell’abitare. Una ricerca sociologica sul design della terza età (Naples: Liguori, 2012) e L’immagine del made in Italy (Soveria Mannelli: Rubbettino Editore, 2012).

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