Federico Cresti

Federico Cresti has taught History of Africa and History of Mediterranean Africa and the Middle East at the Department of Political and Social Studies of the University of Catania. In the last decades, his field of research has been focused on the history of  Libya, and in particular on the period of the Italian colonization. Some recent publications: “What Future for Italian Libya? The debate on Colonial Policy, 1918-1920”, Comparativ (Leipziger Universitätverlag), 24, 6, 2016, 73-89; Sulayman al-Baruni in Italy (1919-1920): From the Dream of the Berber Pricipality to the Italo-Tripolitanian Brotherhood, in A.M. Di Tolla, V. Schiattarella, eds., Libya between History and Revolution, Napoli, Unior Press, 2020, 67-98; “Trabelsiyya. Une minorité coloniale: les ‘sujets italiens de Libye’ en Tunisie (1911-1940)», The Maghreb Review, 46, 2, 2021, 99-154.

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  • L’evoluzione delle appartenenze imperiali nella Prima guerra mondiale
    a cura di Sara Lorenzini e Simone A. Bellezza
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