Béla Zsolt Szakács

Béla Zsolt Szakács is art historian, head of the Department of Art History at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest-Piliscsaba. His research fields include medieval architecture of central Europe, Christian iconography and the history of monument protection. He has dealt extensively with the illuminated manuscript called Hungarian Angevin Legendary on which he has published a monograph in Hungarian (A magyar Anjou Legendárium képi rendszerei, 2006) and English (The Visual World of the Hungarian Angevin Legendary, 2016). He is co-editor of an essay collection Mediaevalia (1992), and Liber decorum (Festschrift for Tünde Wehli, «Ars Hungarica», 2013), and editor of the Guide to Visual Resources of Medieval East-Central Europe (2001).

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