Imre Takács

Imre Takács, former general director of Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, is director of the Institute of Art History at ELTE University in Budapest. His principal research focus is the thirteenth-fourteenth-centuries Hungarian art with its international background. His previous publications include: Die Erneuerung der Abteikirche von Pannonhalma im 13. Jahrhundert (1996); The French Connection. On the Courtenay Family and Villard de Honnecourt (2006); L’art de la cour royale à la fin de l’époque angevine (2006); The tomb of Queen Gertrude (2015). His works include organisation of a series of major exhibitions: “Pannonia regia” (Budapest 1994); “Mons Sacer” (Pannonhalma 1996); “Paradisum plantavit” (Pannonhalma 2001); “Sigismundus rex et imperator” (Budapest-Luxembourg 2006); “Saint Martin and Pannonia” (Pannonhalma 2016).

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