Estela Schindel

Estela Schindel studied Communications at the University of Buenos Aires and received a PhD in Sociology at the Free University Berlin. She is currently a scientific coordinator with the PhD Program “Europe in the Globalized World” and a researcher at the Center of Excellence Cultural Foundations of Social Integration of the University of Konstanz. Her current project focuses on the imbrications of technology, violence and nature in the EU border regime. She co-edited the volume Space and the Memories of Violence: Landscapes of Erasure, Disappearance and Exception (2014). Among her recent published articles are “Bare life at the European Borders. Entanglements of Technology, Society and Nature”, Journal of Borderlands Studies, 31/2 (2016); and “‘Blowing off the Boat’: The Sea Border Crossing to Europe, a Navigation on the Nature/Culture Divide”, Mobile Culture Studies, the Journal, 1 (2015).

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