Jean-François Chauvard

Jean-François Chauvard, former Director of Modern and Contemporary History at the French School of Rome, is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Lumière Lyon 2 and a specialist in the social history of Italian cities, particularly Venice. More specifically, he focuses on the study of migration, social mobility and heritage conservation practices.

3 libri in elenco
  • Spazio religioso e spazio pubblico
    a cura di Gabriele Matino e Dorit Raines
    2020, pp. 422, tav. col.
    € 48,00 -5% € 45,60
  • Practices, Pathways and Contexts of Intra-Urban Mobility from 1600 to the Present Day
    edited by Eleonora Canepari and Massimiliano Crisci
    2019, pp. 246
    € 45,00 -5% € 42,75
  • Una trama millenaria di arte e fede
    a cura di Massimo Bisson, Isabella Cecchini, Deborah Howard
    2018, pp. 280
    € 33,00 -5% € 31,35