Marta Ausona I Bieto

Marta Ausona I Bieto teaches at Universitary teacher on Ramon Llull University. Has a degree on Social Anthropology (UB University) and a PhD on Social and Cultural Anthropology. Researcher in the R+D project The individualization of family relationships is also a member of GENI (anthropology research group on kinship, migrations, gender and social control linked at UB University). Among his works: “Long-term breastfeeding or how tradition innovates”, in J. Bestard, D. Marre (eds.), Maternities, procreation and upbringing in transformation (Barcelona 2013); “Breastfeeding as affirmation of female freedom”, DUODA (57, 2017).

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  • Dissolution, Continuity and Strength of Kinship (ca. 1750-ca. 1900)
    edited by Francisco Chacón Jimenez and Gérard Delille
    2018, pp. 160
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