Joan Bestard-Camps

Joan Bestard-Camps is Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona. His main research interest has spanned on different aspects of kinship. He studied marriage alliances between families in Formentera (Balearic Islands). He has been interested by the history of family. His recent research focuses on contemporary kinship in relation to new reproductive technologies. He has also done fieldwork in Poland, studying the relation between religion, nationality and kinship. Among his works: What’s in a Relative? (Oxford-New York 1991); Familias. Historia de la sociedad española (de la Edad Media a nuestros dias) (Madrid 2011, dir. with F. Chacón); “Polonia: la religión en una época secular”, in Elena Soler y Luis Calvo (eds), Transiciones culturales. Perspectivas desde Europa Central y del Este (Madrid 2016); with A. Molas, “En Espagne, le don d’ovules entre intérêt, solidarité et précarité”, Ethnologie Française, (3/47, 2017), special Issue, Le corps reproductive.

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  • Dissolution, Continuity and Strength of Kinship (ca. 1750-ca. 1900)
    edited by Francisco Chacón Jimenez and Gérard Delille
    2018, pp. 160
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