Michela Barbot

Michela Barbot is Permanent Researcher at CNRS (France) and Associate Professor of Social Sciences at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay, where she teaches economic history and history of institutions. Her main fields of interest are the history of property rights and the history of prices, with a special focus on land and real-estate in a comparative and long-term perspective.

2 libri in elenco
  • Practices, Pathways and Contexts of Intra-Urban Mobility from 1600 to the Present Day
    edited by Eleonora Canepari and Massimiliano Crisci
    2019, pp. 246
    € 45,00 -5% € 42,75
  • Dall’Antichità all’Età moderna
    a cura di Massimo Vallerani
    2018, pp. 386
    € 39,00 -5% € 37,05