Luisa Revelli

Luisa Revelli is researcher in Italian Linguistics at the Department of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Valle d’Aosta. Her recent volume Langues faibles (Paris, L’Harmattan, 2017, with A. Tabouret-Keller and G. Varro) and the research project “Multilingualisms and migratory linguistics: diachronic and varietal profiles of the Italian of Eritrea” (in progress) focus on study of the relationships between change of language, behaviors and speakers’ representations, of the relations between alleged linguistic identities perceived and practiced in plurilingual contexts and of the secondary repertorial dynamics to migratory phenomena.

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  • Rivista semestrale di studi e ricerche
    Tom McCaskie, Elara Bertho, Alessandra Brivio, Mariano Pavanello, Samuel Andreas Admasie, Luisa Revelli
    2019, pp. 136
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