Pierre Savy

Pierre Savy is the Director of the Medieval Section of the École française de Rome. His research focuses on Italian society and politics and on Jewish-Christian relations in 14th-16th centuries. He is the editor of a Histoire des Juifs to be published by PUF in 2020.

2 libri in elenco
  • The Question of the Jewish Minority in Early Modern Italy
    edited by Alessandro Guetta and Pierre Savy
    2020, pp. 248
    € 42,00 -5% € 39,90
  • Coscienza del presente e percezione del mutamento tra fine Quattrocento e inizio Cinquecento
    a cura di Fulvio Delle Donne e Victor Rivera Magos
    2019, pp. 224
    € 27,00 -5% € 25,65