Christian Biet

Currently Professor in Performing Arts, Theatrical and Drama Aesthetics, and French Studies at the University of Paris-Nanterre, and at the Institut Universitaire de France, Christian Biet is also a regular Visiting Professor at New York University, and a member of the editorial committee of the French theatrical review Théâtre/Public and of Littératures classiques. He specializes in French and English 17th and 18th century theatre, and in culture, literature, theatre and law in the Early Modern period; he has published several articles and books on these topics. His most recent publications include What is the theatre? (Routledge, 2019), with Christophe Triau (Gallimard, 2006),Théâtre de la cruauté et récits sanglants (France XVIe-XVIIe siècle),(Laffont, 2006), Tragédies et récits de martyres (France, fin XVIe-début XVIIe siècle), (Classiques Garnier, 2009), Le théâtre du XVIIe siècle (L’Avant-Scène, 2009).

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