Madison U. Sowell

Having received his PhD in Romance Languages from Harvard, Madison U. Sowell went on to serve as department chair, associate dean of undergraduate education, and Honors Program director at Brigham Young University. He was provost at Southern Virginia University and Tusculum University and a Rothschild Fellow at Harvard’s Houghton Library. His publications include editing Dante and Ovid: Essays in Intertextuality (Binghamton 1991); translating, with Sidney Sondergard, Giordano Bruno’s The Cabala of Pegasus (Yale 2002); and co-authoring, with Debra Sowell, Francesca Falcone, and Patrizia Veroli, Il balletto romantico: Tesori della Collezione Sowell (L’Epos, 2007) and Icônes du ballet romantique: Marie Taglioni et sa famille (Gremese, 2016).

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