Hervé Brunon

Specialising in the History of Gardens, Landscape and Ecology, Hervé Brunon is the Director of Research at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique/French National Centre for Scientific Research (Centre André Chastel, Paris). His contribution to the field of environmental humanities embraces a number of different disciplines (history, art history, philosophy, anthropology, literature, botany, and so on). Initially centred on notions of nature, his work subsequently concentrated on the poetic perception of places, exploring motifs such as the labyrinth and the grotto, and on concepts such as wisdom. He is a member of the editorial committee of the journal Les Carnets du paysage and of the scientific committee of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche. His published works include: Jardins de sagesse en Occident (Seuil, 2014); L’Imaginaire des grottes dans les jardins européens (with Monique Mosser, Hazan, 2014); De la peinture au jardin (edited with Denis Ribouillault, Olschki, 2016).

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