Milena Viceconte

Milena Viceconte obtained a PhD in History of Art in 2013, a joint degree between the University of Naples Federico II and the Universitat de Barcelona. She took part in several research groups within the University of Barcelona, focused on artistic circulation between Italy and Spain in the early modern period. From 2018 she has been a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Naples Federico II in the framework of the DisComPoSE project, within which she deals with issues related to the imageries of disasters in the territories of the Spanish Monarchy through the analysis of figurative sources (16th-18th centuries).

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  • Open access
    Saints and Officials Tackling Disaster (16th-17th Centuries)
    edited by Milena Viceconte, Gennaro Schiano and Domenico Cecere
    2023, pp. 368
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