Paola Pogliani

Paola Pogliani is an assistant professor in the field of Museology, Art and Restoration Criticism and Deputy Director of the Restoration Lab at the University of Tuscia. Her research focuses on the techniques and materials employed in medieval murals and mosaics in Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean. Her research methodology is based on the use of an innovative investigation with diagnostic/scientific analysis and documentation systems through the use of Digital Technologies. She has participated in the project design and development of the virtual museum and the online database “Art and rocky habitat in Cappadocia” ( and she is currently PI of the EHEM project (Horizon 2020), which aims to create digitally layered models of medieval murals as a model for knowledge and dissemination.

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    a cura di Antonella Ambrosio e Paola Vitolo
    2023, pp. 192, ill. col.
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