Georg Vogeler

Georg Vogeler is professor for Digital Humanities at the Zentrum für Informations­modellierung at Graz University. He trained in Medieval History, and in particular Historical Auxiliary Sciences, under the supervision of Walter Koch, Walter Jaroschka, and Knut Görich, pursuing his studies in Freiburg and Munich. His academic career has taken him to Munich, Lecce, Venice, Vienna and Graz. His expertise lies in late medieval administrative history, high medieval cultural history, and diplomatics. He was an early adopter of the application of digital methods in these fields of study. In 2021, he won an ERC Advanced Grant on Digital Diplomatics ( In the Digital Humanities his research interest lies in Digital Scholarly Editing, Semantic Web technologies, Data Modelling, and application of Data Science to the Humanities. He is a founding member of the Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik (IDE, and leads two national DH projects in Austria (,

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