IRCVM-Medieval Cultures

IRCVM-Medieval Cultures is the collection of interdisciplinary research monographs published by the Research Institut for Medieval of the Universitat de Barcelona. Its purpose is to make known the leading research carried out by the members of the Institute and other international authors and research teams in its original language as well as in English, thus preserving Europe’s own linguistic diversity.

Editorial board: Carles Mancho (director), Meritxell Simó Torres (director), Joan Domenge Mesquida, Blanca Garí, Ernest Marcos Hierro, Anna Maria Mussons Freixas, Mª Eugenia Ortuño Pérez.

Scientific committee: Carlos Alvar (Universität Basel), Juan Luis Arrieta Alberdi (Universidad del País Vasco), Dominique de Courcelles (CNRS Paris), Judith Herrin (King’s College London), Clario Di Fabio (Università di Genova), Anna Benvenuti (Università di Firenze).

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