published by Convivium & Viella

Editorial board: Hans Belting, Klára Benešovská, Ivan Foletti (dir.), Herbert Kessler, Serena Romano, Elisabetta Scirocco

The new series Convivia is published as a joint venture by the redaction of the journal Convivium and the Roman editor Viella. The editorial board of the series is constituted by Hans Belting, Klára Benešovská, Herbert Kessler, Serena Romano and Elisabetta Scirocco, with Ivan Foletti as its director.
The emerging publishing series vigorously foster the interests linking Eastern and Western Europe by emphasizing the cultural roots shared throughout the Mediterranean region. It strives to cover an extensive time span, from the Early Christian period to the Late Middle Ages, which, in Central Europe, lasted well beyond the Italian Renaissance. With history of art as Convivia’s nucleus, the series will explore widely diverse subjects pertaining to images – objects and monuments, and the diverse forms of their creation, use, appreciation, or experience. Accordingly, its scope encompass various disciplines allied with art history – anthropology, archaeology, historiography, liturgy, and, of course, history itself. The editors’ aim is to ensure that Convivia provides a broad, clear insight into its topics and the research methods used to analyze them.
Each book of the series will be created by a young artistic designer. In this way, in addition to maintaining high intellectual quality, we aim to produce appealing and remarkable contemporary objects.

3 libri in elenco
  • Theories, Matter, and Light from Suger to Grosseteste (1100–1250)
    Alberto Virdis
    2023, pp. 400 ill. col.
    € 75,00 -5% € 71,25
  • Reconsidering Medieval French Art through the Pilgrim's Body
    edited by Ivan Foletti, Katarína Kravčíková, Sabina Rosenbergová, Adrien Palladino
    2018, pp. 468
    € 70,00 -5% € 66,50
  • A History of the Nativity Church at Bethlehem
    Michele Bacci
    2017, pp. 321
    € 70,00 -5% € 66,50