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The Question of the Jewish Minority in Early Modern Italy

edited by Alessandro Guetta and Pierre Savy
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 17
Pubblicazione: Aprile 2020
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pp. 248, 15,5x23 cm, hardback
ISBN: 9788833130682
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This book brings together a number of contributions that throw a new light on the history of Jewish communities in late-medieval and early modern Italy (15th-18th centuries). The different, monographic approaches form a homogeneous interpretation of this history, a collective and original reflection on the question of Jewish minority in a broader (Christian) society. Both the Christian and the Jewish sides are taken into consideration, and an important number of chapters consider concrete situations, Jewish texts and authors very rarely studied in the research on Jewish-Christian relation.

Cover illustration: Giovanni Maggi, Map of Rome (1625), detail: the Ghetto

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