Non contrarii, ma diversi

The Question of the Jewish Minority in Early Modern Italy

edited by Alessandro Guetta and Pierre Savy
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 17
Pubblicazione: Aprile 2020
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ISBN: 9788833130682
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This book brings together a number of contributions that throw a new light on the history of Jewish communities in late-medieval and early modern Italy (15th-18th centuries). The different, monographic approaches form a homogeneous interpretation of this history, a collective and original reflection on the question of Jewish minority in a broader (Christian) society. Both the Christian and the Jewish sides are taken into consideration, and an important number of chapters consider concrete situations, Jewish texts and authors very rarely studied in the research on Jewish-Christian relation.

  • Foreword
  • Pierre Savy, “Non contrarii, ma diversi”: An Introduction
  • I. Spaces, Identities, Ideas
    • Bernard Dov Cooperman, Cultural Pluralism from the Ghetto: What Might It Have Meant?
    • Marina Caffiero, A Universe of Discourse: Demons, Souls, and Magic in the 17th-Century Trials of the Inquisition
    • Joseph Levi, Sforno’s Perception of Human Potential Knowledge, Eternal Life, and the Moral Responsibility of Man
    • Cristiana Facchini, Jewish Preaching and Italian Catholic Baroque Space: A Reading of Isaac Cantarini’s Sermons
    • Asher Salah, Amadio Abbina and Sabato Isacco Ambron: Two 18th-Century Roman Jews in the Levant
  • II. Rights, Sociability, Statuses
    • Vincenzo Selleri, Jewish Women and the Juridical Community: Municipal Belonging in Renaissance Terra di Bari
    • Pierre Savy, Princes’ Conceptions of the Jewish Minority in Northern Italy (15th Century)
    • Jean Baumgarten, Relations Between Jews and Christians in Shimon Guenzburg’s Book of Customs in Yiddish (Venice, 1593)
    • Évelyne Oliel-Grausz, The Court of the Massari, Jewish Litigants, and their Petitions: On the Uses of Justice in 18th-Century Livorno
  • III. Exchanges, Trades, Networks
    • Serena Di Nepi, Trading beyond the Ghetto: New Perspectives on Jews in 18th-Century Rome
    • Rachele Jesurum, Jewish and Christian Brotherhoods in 17th- and 18th-Century Italy: A Common Ground? Binyamin ben El‘azar Cohen Vitale di Reggio (1651-1730)
    • Davide Mano, The Notion of Reciprocity and the Logics of Belonging: An Inquiry into Jewish and Christian Petitions from Pitigliano (18th Century)
    • Alessandro Guetta, Conclusion. Old-New Interpretations: A Possible Contribution to Help us Understand our Complex Past and our Restless Present
  • Index of Names
  • Contributors

Cover illustration: Giovanni Maggi, Map of Rome (1625), detail: the Ghetto

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