André Grabar
translation & introduction Adrien Palladino
Collana: PARVA Convivia, 3
Pubblicazione: 2018
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pp. 128, 13,5x20 cm
ISBN: 9788833130903
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Plotinus and the Origins of Medieval Aesthetics, an iconic essay of byzantinist André Grabar, first published in 1945 in French, is here presented to the reader for the first time translated in English. It is preceded by an historiographical introduction by Adrien Palladino, presenting the genesis of the text, replacing it within the opus of the scholar, and assessing its relevance within the new horizons of the field of art history.

  • Introduction
    • André Grabar, Plotinus, and the Potency of Late Antique Images • Adrien Palladino
  • Article of André Grabar
    • Plotinus and the Origins of Medieval Aesthetics
    • Illustrations with their Commentaries
  • Index
    • Photographic credits

André Grabar

André Grabar (1896–1990), born in Russia, was one of the most important art historians of the twentieth century. Focusing most of his life-work on the artistic manifestations of the Byzantine sphere, he also wrote major contributions on Western medieval art. Within his vast bibliography, two of his most famous monographs surely remain L’iconoclasme byzantin (1957) and his Christian Iconography, A Study of Its Origins (1968).

Adrien Palladino

Adrien Palladino is a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Early Medieval Studies, Department of Art History, Masaryk University, Brno. His interests include the history of art history and art theory, as well as the study of Late Antique and Early Medieval material cultures – mainly centred around objects.

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