Orient oder Rom?

History and Reception of a Historiographical Myth (1901-1970)

edited by Ivan Foletti and Francesco Lovino
Collana: I libri di Viella. Arte / Studia Artium Mediaevalium Brunensia, 7
Pubblicazione: Novembre 2018
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pp. 184, ill b/n, 17x24 cm, bross.
ISBN: 9788833131047
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Today, the question of the origins of Christian aesthetics is no longer a topical issue in medieval art history, although a persuasive answer has never been formulated. One of the reasons for this oblivion deals with the looming figure of Josef Strzygowski, who published his pivotal volume Orient oder Rom in 1901, now discredited for its racial and proto-Nazi ideas. However, the debate does not concern Strzygowski alone: the prodromes of this critical concept go back to the nineteenth century, when the Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires fought to control contested territories, and studies of the humanities mirrored these conflicts.
This volume, originating in the urgency to reflect on this pivotal conundrum in our field, attempts to reconstruct the (mis)fortune of a question that, according to Alois Riegl, “is the most important and most trenchant one in the entire history of mankind to date”.

  • Ivan Foletti, Francesco Lovino, Introduction. Orient oder Rom, and Josef Strzygowski in 2018
  • Robin Cormack, St Sophia as Feuertempel: Inspiration or Madness?
  • Yuka Kadoi, Strzygowski and Pope: The Reformulation of Persian Art History across the Trans-Atlantic World
  • Adrien Palladino, Gallien oder Rom? The “Italo-Gallic” School of Early Christian Art
  • William J. Diebold, Baby or Bathwater? Josef Strzygowski’s “Ruins of Tombs of the Latin Kings on the Haram in Jerusalem” (1936) and Its Reception
  • Zuzana Frantová, Ravenna as a Battlefield: Late Antique Monuments, between Orientalism and Nationalism
  • Elif Kök, Strzygowski in Turkey
  • Marta Filipová, The Czechoslovak Orient
  • Petra Hečková, Disquiet in the Camp: The Question of Roman Art and the Orient oder Rom Issue in Czech Art History
  • Klára Benešovská, The Epilogue of Orient oder Rom in the 1970s? The Forgotten Work of Václav Mencl
  • Francesco Lovino, East by North-East. The Essai sur l’extension de l’art des Goths de Crimée by Joseph de Baye
  • Index of names
  • Index of places
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