Le fasi edilizie del Capitolium romano e del primo impianto cristiano

Autore: Pietro Longo
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

The Roman temple, remained to dominate the space of the Forum Emiliano following his transformation into building for christian worship, the building puts topographic, architectural, building, historical and attributive, these difficult moments understanding if you want to tackle them limited to the study of the individual building, but always with due caution in interpretation, could be partly solved through a series of 360-degrees comparisons with similar circumstances of the Roman and early medieval period. Through the analysis of what survived, in terms of architectural, whether in the field of literary-epigraphic documentation, is available in this seat one, certainly not exhaustive, but at least pay proposal for subsequent studies. New motifs of investigation are therefore proposed, with an architectural reconstruction also based on mathematical elements.