Periferia e/o centro? Il portico della cattedrale di Terracina visto da Roma

Autore: Peter Cornelius Claussen
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

The current research about the portico of the cathedral of Terracina is characterized by two well-founded but contradictory opinions about its date of origin – differing in their conclusions about a century (1140 or 1240). This raises questions of priority, dependency (centre and perifery) and the level of artistic aspirations. The architectural ornamentation of the porch in Terracina (cornice of the architrave and capitals) is in any case a culmination of the skill and knowledge of antiquity by the medieval Marmorari, explainable only by the special ambition of the participating artists and the employer to surpass with their work not only the contemporary but also the ancient Rome.