Il mosaico dimezzato. Il fregio del portico della cattedrale di Terracina tra conservato e perduto

Autore: Davide Angelucci
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

The medieval portico of Terracina cathedral, whose dating ranges between the 12th and 13th century according to the various proposals promoted by art historians in recent decades, has been the subject of numerous publications. Various interpretative hypotheses have been advanced in the investigations on the figures and the symbolic elements, leading critics to propose an exegesis in an eschatological-apocalyptic key in which the Salvation of man is achieved through the defense of the Church and fighting the forces of evil. This paper intends both to offer new elements of reflection on some iconography of the preserved mosaic and to re-examine the question concerning the portion of the lost mosaic that was on the left lintel. In light of the discovery of an unpublished 18th-century document in the archive of the chapter of Sezze cathedral, it is now possible to clarify the iconographic subject of the lost mosaic definitively, as well as retrace the causes and the moment of its loss.