L’arredo liturgico altomedievale della cattedrale di Terracina nel contesto della scultura carolingia di Roma e del Patrimonium Sancti Petri

Autore: Fabio Betti
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

Terracina preserves numerous pieces of early medieval sculpture dating back to the early Carolingian age when the city become an integral part of the Patrimonium Sancti Petri. The reliefs formed part of the liturgical furniture of the cathedral and other churches in the Old Town and suburban sanctuaries. They belonged to the presbytery enclosure that separated the space allocated to the believers from the area designated for the presbytery. The materials consist of fragments of small pillars, slabs, frames, trabeations and small capitals. The decorative repertoire includes geometric motifs with interlaced ribbon in different combinations and stylized vegetal pattern. The stylistic and iconographic analysis of the reliefs has revealed strong similarities with the contemporary sculptural production of the city of Rome.