Mutuazioni, sincretismo e interculturalità in Marittima. Lo spazio sacro e gli arredi liturgici della cattedrale di Terracina

Autori: Manuela Gianandrea, Ruggero Longo
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

This paper deals with the medieval liturgical furnishings and the opus sectile marble pavements of the cathedral in Terracina, South of Rome. The work, carried on in deep synergy between the two authors, aims to analyze these materials in a holistic way, conceiving them as components constituting the sacred space of the church, thus in full relation with the liturgical context and the architectural buildings, including the portico on the Eastern side of the church, identified as an important phase of the late 12th-early 13th century. A detailed study of the artefacts from a technical and material point of view, as well as a re-reading of the textual sources, are the necessary arguments for the analysis of the individual artworks and the understanding of the medieval sacred space as a whole. The archaeological and stylistic investigation allows attaining a conscious perspective of the historical and political position of Terracina as a border territory of cultural syncretism and visual exchanges between Central and South of Italy in the Middle Ages.