Le testimonianze pittoriche rinvenute nella cappella dell’Addolorata della cattedrale di Terracina e la diffusione del linguaggio cavalliniano nel Lazio meridionale

Autore: Alessandro Tomei
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

During the first three decades of the 14th century Pietro Cavallini’s style was widely spread in the Southern Latium. Several followers were strongly influenced by the novelties of his painting, especially by the frescoes he executed in the church of S. Maria Donnaregina Vecchia in Naples. The Angevine capital became soon a centre of irradiation of the new style, as we can see in the curches of S. Giovanni a Mare at Gaeta and S. Nicola at San Vittore del Lazio. The frescoes recently discovered in the cathedral of Terracina during the restorations directed by Mariella Nuzzo constitute another important proof of the influence of the master’s style in those territories.