Materiali da costruzione, tecniche edilizie e siti di approvvigionamento a Terracina nel Medioevo. Alcune osservazioni

Autori: Daniela Esposito, Susanna Passigli
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

Analyzing both the constructive techniques of medieval Terracina and the written documentation, some reflections about materials, including their supplying and the manner of working them, emerge. The most used material is limestone. The existing masonries in XII-XIV Terracina show some peculiar characteristics: the pattern is made by shaped stones, cut in small or big elements; the connection among the leaves wall and the inner core is realized by fitted or, more frequently, concrete or pressed infill, in laid in almost regular layers. We also wondered where the building material came from. The construction stones were obtained from ancient buildings and, moreover, various types of local stone came from the quarries of the surrounding area. The masons chose the most suitable material according its use. A document, written on 11 April 1451, allows us to obtain some hints to extend the study to the territory surrounding Terracina