In monte excelso. Tracce medievali nel Sant’Angeletto, sul promontorio di Terracina

Autore: Antonino Tranchina
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

The so-called ‘Piccolo Tempio’ of the Terracina promontory, which was part of a Roman Republican period sanctuary, was used as site for Christian worship since the early Middle Ages. Wall-plaster carrying painted decoration is still detectable, though in very poor condition, in the inner ambulacrum and belongs to two successive strata, each displaying figurative decoration.

Aim of the article is to discuss the iconography of the Christian themes displayed in the second-phase layer. Firstly, comparanda from early-medieval Rome and Southern Italy shall be provided, to stress the paintings’ early chronology (8th-9th century). Secondly, their overall meaning shall be scrutinized, to show the subject’s consistency with coeval events, theological trends and local actors.