La chiesa dell’Annunziata

Autore: Marco D’Attanasio
In: I libri di Viella. Arte.

The church of the Annunziata, in the neighbourhood of Borgomarino, is one of the less known church in Terracina because of the lack of documents, especially of medieval age. The medieval architectural plan of the church was very simple: a single nave covered with a timber roof truss and a square choir covered by a rib vault. This plan is very similar to the church of St Antonio abbot in Priverno where there is a portal with a decorated architrave dated 1336 signed by Toballo de Janni; this architrave presents a lot of affinities with that of the portal of the church of the Annunziata that is signed by Andreas de Piperno, and it allows to suppose that the church of Terracina was built in the second quarter of the 14th century. Some fragmentary frescoes of the late gothic period have survived in the church. In the left wall of the nave there is a Virgin Annunciate and an head of an angel, in the rib vault of the choir there are a symbol of the Evangelist and a Doctor of the Church in each panel, two representation of Cardinal Virtues - Fortitude and probably the Justice – and a rare iconography of the Mulier amicta Sole.