Tra vita e veduta

Autore: Piermario Vescovo
In: Venetiana. 22
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Starting from a page of Goethe’s Italian Journey, the contribution tries to identify the intrinsic link between life and theater, underlining the need for artificial, seductive and strange elements to transform the mere reproduction of reality into an aesthetic representation on the stage. Between life and painting, the representation of Venice, which finds its highest expression in the 18th century, is illustrated by following the traces of Goldoni, Gozzi, Longhi and Tiepolo, to the end of this chain of portrayals: – a splendid description by Ippolito Nievo. In a passage that is the very opposite of the one provided by Goethe, who describes the city upon his arrival, Nievo portrays Venice upon his departure as an old theater curtain, discolored by dust and blackened by the stage lights.