La mia istoria di Francesco Gritti: un romanzo “plurale” nella Venezia del Settecento

Autore: Piero Del Negro
In: Venetiana. 22
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Gritti’s novel was plural from multiple points of view. More than “mine” (the reference here being to Mr. Tommasino, the “author” of the “memoirs” mentioned in the subtitle), it was a “story” which also involved seven other narrators. Moreover, the structure of the novel is also presented as polyphonic, since apparently many persons contributed to it, in addition to the alleged “author” Pifpuf, a “publisher” and other avatars of the latter, from the printer to a proofreader and the authors of the notes. Finally, the novel was also at the center of a “pseudo-literary quarrel” revolving around opposing visions that stemmed not so much, or not only, from an assessment of its contents, but from fierce competition in the journalistic field. On the one side of the dispute stood Francesco Griselini, who in previous years had founded a real “empire” in Venice (as the editor of four literary periodicals) at the expense of two prominent newspapers, which had been put out of business. On the other side stood Gritti and his friend Alberto Fortis, who was probably also the co-author of the novel. Above all, this was a generational “brawl” that pitted the young Gritti and Fortis – not yet in their thirties at the time – against fifty-year-old Griselini.