Step by Step Towards the Sacred

Ritual, Movement, and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages

edited by Martin F. Lešák, Sabina Rosenbergová, Veronika Tvrzníková
Collana: I libri di Viella. Arte / Studia Artium Mediaevalium Brunensia, 10
Pubblicazione: Ottobre 2020
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pp. 144, 17x24 cm, bross.
ISBN: 9788833137018
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The articles published in this volume aim to contribute to the art historical debates on the role of visual culture within medieval rituals and how the latter were experienced bodily. The studies focus on the essential importance of movement within medieval religious practice and its impact on production, conception, perception, and use of artistic objects and architecture in the Middle Ages. At their core is the moving body, individual or collective, which enters into dialogue with the surrounding architectural or urban space, artefacts, and images, thus awakening their sacred potential with each and every step. Shifting attention to the movement of the worshipers and the objects themselves, this book wishes to instigate further discussion on various medieval visual cultures.

  • Ivan Foletti, Preface: Obsessed with Movement
  • Martin F. Lešák, Sabina Rosenbergová, Veronika Tvrzníková, Introduction
  • Sabina Rosenbergová, Crossing a Threshold, Sensing the Sacred: The Body in Movement as a Vehicle for Encountering a Sacred Place
  • Luca Capriotti, The Activation of the Sacred: A Sculpture and an Ambulatory Along the Via Francigena
  • Nebojša Stanković, The Three-Door Arrangement of the Narthex’s East Wall and its Utilization Within the Middle Byzantine Monastic Ritual
  • Martin F. Lešák, Holy Monday at Santa Prassede: Stational Liturgy and Paschal I’s Mosaic Decoration
  • Pamela Nourrigeon, From Body to Image: The Illustration of the Entry into Jerusalem as Memory of Liturgical Processions
  • Anna Adashinskaya, Gaining Access to the Prohibited Sacred: The Agency of Female Gifts to Byzantine Male Monasteries
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Places

Cover: Entry into Jerusalem, Missel, Méjanes Library, Aix-en-Provence, MS 11 (Rés. MS 35), fol. 254, 1423 (© Bibliothèque Méjanes Aix-en-Provence).

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