Case da reddito dei foglianti a Torino in età moderna

Autore: Edoardo Piccoli
In: Chiese d’Italia. 8
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The text analyses reformed Cistercian real estate property in eighteenth-century Turin, with original data stemming from a variety of archival sources, including one on the 1748 tax on religious immunities (Sussidio) in Piedmont, and the archives of La Consolata monastery in Turin. The first part of the paper provides an overview on the 1748 Sussidio ecclesiastico, and examines the general situation of the involvement of male religious orders in urban property (rental housing). The second part of the paper deals with the role of the Cistercians in rental property in Turin. Three monasteries of this order owned rental houses in the State capital, and two of them (monasteries of Asti and Turin) were involved in complex management issues and reconstruction projects in the middle decades of the 18th century. The third and last part of this paper considers the specific localization of rental housing of La Consolata (Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation) in Turin, and its legitimation strategies.