I cistercensi foglianti e l’opposizione a François de Sales

Autore: Bruno Farinelli
In: Chiese d’Italia. 8
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This article aims to analyse the opposition to the Salesian reform projects through the ties between François de Sales and the Feuillants, the Cistercian branch reformed by Jean de La Barrière. Francois de Sales was appointed Bishop of Geneva-Annecy in 1602, and until his death in 1622 the monastic reform was his primary concern. The Cistercian Congregation of the Foglianti was one of the key orders recognised by the Bishop as instrumental in reshaping the monastic geography of his diocese. These efforts provoked the reaction of the Bishop’s opponents and competitors who tried to limit or stop Francois de Sales’ plans. A reaction that came both from within the court of Turin and Rome and from within the diocese itself and aimed at delegitimizing the Bishop and his actions. Attempts which Francois de Sales did not hesitate to oppose up to the last months of his life, when he chaired the General Chapter of the Congregation at Pinerolo.