La ricostruzione di un ordine soppresso nel Piemonte della Restaurazione

Autore: Andrea Pennini
In: Chiese d’Italia. 8
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In 1802 before the French suppressions, the Foglianti rejoined the Cistercians and the order was never reformed. Nevertheless, the surviving Cistercians managed to rebuild some coenobitic communities in Piedmont during the reign of Victor Emmanuel I (Consolata, Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation in Turin, Sanctuary of the Nativity of Mary Most Holy in Vicoforte and the monastery of St. Maurice in Santo Stefano Belbo). This paper aims to offer an essential review of this reconstruction process, taking into account the actions of the Sardinian government. This paper is organized in three parts: firstly, it focuses on the events of the end of 18th century; secondly, the paper discusses the Sardinian government inquiry on the conditions of the convents and monasteries that once belonged to the regular orders, with particular attention to the Cistercians and the last part of the text focuses on the reconstruction attempts of the Cistercians communities in the Piedmont of the Restoration.