Carlo Giuseppe Morozzo, storico dei cistercensi foglianti e vescovo di Saluzzo

Autore: Mario Riberi
In: Chiese d’Italia. 8
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The essay examines the figure and the religious career of the Bishop of Saluzzo, Carlo Giuseppe Morozzo, historian of the Cistercian Foglianti and author of numerous and remarka- ble volumes. Carlo Giuseppe Morozzo was born in Mondovì in 1644-1645. He entered the Cistercian order at a young age and studied philosophy, theology, and rhetoric. The- se cultural interests played a significant role in his books and especially in his history of Cistercian Foglianti (Cistercii reflorescentis seu congregationis cistercio-monasticarum, 1690). He followed Cardinal Bona, his protector, to Rome. Upon Bona’s death (1674), he assumed increasingly important roles for his order: prior to the monastery of Asti, he was Abbot at the Consolata, Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation in Turin and apostolic superintendent of Civitavecchia, Imola and Bagnorea. On January 27, 1698, he became Bishop of Saluzzo where he had an intense pastoral activity. He died on March 14, 1729 in Saluzzo, honoured with a funeral monument in his cathedral.