Jacopo Tintoretto: Identity, Practice, Meaning

Marie-Louise Lillywhite, Tom Nichols, Giorgio Tagliaferro (eds.)
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 22
Pubblicazione: Marzo 2022
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Over the past twenty years or so it has finally been understood that Jacopo Tintoretto (1518/19-1594) is an old master of the very highest calibre, whose sharp visual intelligence and brilliant oil technique provides a match for any painter of any time. Based on papers given at a conference held at Keble College, Oxford, to mark the quincentenary of Tintoretto’s birth, this volume comprises ten new essays written by an international range of scholars that open many fresh perspectives on this remarkable Venetian painter. Reflecting current ‘hot spots’ in Tintoretto studies, and suggesting fruitful avenues for future research, chapters explore aspects of the artist’s professional and social identity; his graphic oeuvre and workshop practice; his secular and sacred works in their cultural context; and the emergent artistic personality of his painter-son Domenico. Building upon the opening-up of the Tintoretto phenomenon to less fixed or partial viewpoints in recent years, this volume reveals the great master’s painting practice as excitingly experimental, dynamic, open-ended, and original.

  • Tom Nichols, Introduction. Jacopo Tintoretto: Identity, Practice, Meaning
  • Philip Cottrell, “Thence comes it that my name receives a brand”: Tintoretto’s Nickname Reconsidered
  • Tom Nichols, Tintoretto’s Self-Portraiture: Shaping a ‘Furious’ Artistic Identity in Sixteenth-Century Venice
  • Giorgio Tagliaferro, Beyond Rivalry: Tintoretto and the Challenge of Composition
  • Roland Krischel, Problems in Tintoretto – mostly Graphic
  • Catherine Whistler, Tintoretto and Drawing “dal vivo” in Sixteenth-Century Venice
  • Maria Aresin, Bleeding Paper: The Use of Red Oil Paint in Drawings from Tintoretto’s Workshop
  • Marie-Louise Lillywhite, Artistic Liberty and Its Limits: Tintoretto’s Temptation of Saint Anthony Abbot for Antonio Milledonne
  • Rose Z. King, Portrait of a Lady Revisited: Veronica Franco, Domenico Tintoretto, and the Reappropriation of Venus
  • Gabriele Matino, The Allure of Flaws: Domenico Tintoretto, Venetian Academies, and the Crisis of the Cinquecento Tradition
  • Kamini Vellodi, Commemorating Tintoretto? On the Nature of Anniversaries and the Task of Scholarship
  • Bibliography
  • Abstracts
  • Contributors
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Places and Collections

Cover illustration: Tintoretto, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, ca. 1577 (detail). Santi Gervasio e Protasio, church of San Trovaso, Venice (Cameraphoto).

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