Women’s Agency and Self-Fashioning in Early Modern Tuscany


edited by Simona Lorenzini and Deborah Pellegrino
Collana: Kent State University European Studies, 8
Pubblicazione: Maggio 2022
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The women profiled in these chapters come from diverse cultural, social, economic and spiritual backgrounds: from patrician heads of household to widows, from saints to artistic patrons, each of the women featured in this interdisciplinary study offers us fresh insight and a broader perspective on the position and role of female protagonists in the history of early modern Tuscany. Employing a variety of methodological approaches, and aided by new archival material, this volume examines women’s ordinary and extraordinary experiences through their writings, cultural and religious activities, social and political networks, and commercial endeavors. In so doing, the volume raises insightful questions about the scope of women’s accomplishments and provides new direction for the future study of women’s agency and self-fashioning.

  • Simona Lorenzini, Deborah Pellegrino, Introduction
  • Jane Tylus, The Languages of Fashioning: Catherine of Siena and Bridget of Sweden
  • Simona Lorenzini, A Flower in the Garden: Devotional Advice and Rhetorical Strategies in Brigida Baldinotti’s Letters
  • Deborah Pellegrino, Widowhood and Devotion: The Ricordanze Spirituali of the Exemplary Ginevra Brancacci
  • Elena Brizio, Family Affairs: How a Woman Cared for Her Casa and Its Honour in Cinquecento Siena
  • Elsa Filosa, Lapa Acciaiuoli: A Businesswoman
  • Bruce Edelstein, Bronzino’s Portrait of Eleonora di Toledo with Her Son Francesco: A New Public Image for the Duchess of Florence
  • Daniela D’Eugenio, “In quella casa è poca pace dove gallina canta e gallo tace”: Women’s Agency in Early Modern Tuscan Proverbs
  • Index of Names
  • Contributors

Cover illustration: Agnolo Bronzino, Eleonora di Toledo with Her Son Francesco, c. 1550. Pisa, Palazzo Reale (photo: permission granted by the Ministero della Cultura – Direzione Regionale Musei della Toscana – Firenze).

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