The Birth of the Modern Central European Citizen

edited by Jan Stejskal, Michael Viktořík
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 23
Pubblicazione: Giugno 2022
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ISBN: 9788833138848
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This book was inspired by the picturesque Moravian town of Kroměříž, which has left an indelible mark on the history of parliamentarism in central Europe. This town saw the first attempt at nurturing the peaceful coexistence of nations within the Habsburg monarchy, based on the principles of constitutional monarchy.

Central to the scholars’ analyses are the themes of political and economic liberalism, the transformation from a rural peasant to an urban industrial society, and the formation of national identities and communities. These topics are all examined with an awareness of the diversity and complexity of the political, ethnic, religious and social composition of central Europe.

  • Jan Stejskal, Michael Viktořík, Introduction
  • Milan Hlavačka, Civil Society
  • Miroslav Hroch, The Central-European Form of a European Civic Nation
  • Jan Rychlík, The Formation of the Slovak Nation and the Slovak National Program
  • Jiří Štaif, František Palacký (1798-1876): Federalist, Central European, Visionary
  • Lothar Höbelt, The Legacy of the “Reichstag of Kremsier” and the Concept of National Autonomy
  • Catherine Horel, The End of the Habsburg Empire from a Hungarian Perspective
  • Jiří Hanuš, The Birth or Demise of the Central European Citizen? An Essay on Selected Literature
  • Jana Burešová, 1918: From the Monarchy to the Republic
  • Jiří Malíř, Clubs and the Formation of Civic Society in the “Long” Nineteenth Century Based on the Example of Moravia
  • Milena Lenderová, Democratization of Society and Female Issues
  • Lukáš Fasora, The Social Issue as a Crucial Topic of the 1800s
  • Contributors
  • Index

Cover illustration: Vienna, Parliament building (about 1897). Státní vědecká knihovna v Olomouci, sign. 193.916. Reproduced with permission.

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