Changing Urban Landscapes

Eastern European and Post-Soviet Cities Since 1989

Edited by Marco Buttino
Collana: I libri di Viella, 149
Pubblicazione: Dicembre 2012
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The vast territory from Asia to Eastern Europe that was part of or under the influence of the Soviet Union comprised cities, which have undergone profound changes in the last twenty years. The opening of borders combined with the affirmation of market dynamics, privatization and concentration of wealth, and the emergence of nationalist discourses have upset ways of life and value systems leaving deep marks on the urban landscape and organization of living space.

These essays take an in-depth look at specific cases – Samarkand, Sarajevo, Berlin, Almaty, and others – to offer a complex picture of the transformations affecting the post-communist city.

  • Marco Buttino, Introduction (p. 7-22)
  • Giulia Panicciari, Almaty as a New Kazakh City: Kazakhisation of Urban Spaces After Independence (p. 23-58)
  • Marco Buttino, Minorities in the Urban Territory of Samarkand from the Soviet Years to the Present (p. 59-93)
  • Liza Candidi T. C., Sedentary Migrants in Germany’s New Capital (p. 95-122)
  • Pietro Cingolani, Near or Far: Daily Life, Migration, and Symbolic Boundaries Between Roma and gagè in Romania (p. 123-151)
  • Francesco Vietti, Old and New in Ksamil: Migration and Urban Transformation in a Southern Albanian Village (p. 153-177)
  • Zaira Tiziana Lofranco, Minorities and Housing Entitlements in Shifting Political Systems: Legal Provisions and the Experience of Displaced Sarajevans (p. 179-209)
  • Contributors (p. 211-212)
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