Adoption and Fosterage Practices in the Late Medieval and Modern Age

edited by Maria Clara Rossi and Marina Garbellotti
Translated by Fred Sengmueller
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 3
Pubblicazione: Gennaio 2016
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ISBN: 9788867281718
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In recent years historical studies on adoption and fosterage have greatly advanced, very likely due to the importance that such practices have acquired in our own societies. Also in the past – not only during Roman or Late Antique periods, but throughout the Middle Ages and the Modern Era as well – a rather significant number of family units went through adoption and fosterage, experiencing these kinds of ties and relationships on the daily basis. Articles collected in this volume are aimed at analysing the various forms and methods by means of which the concept of “adoption” was interpreted and practiced during the Medieval and Early Modern periods, identifying especially relevant chronological points, examples from different regional and local contexts, reciprocal influences, and family relationships shaped by adoption.

  • Maria Clara Rossi and Marina Garbellotti
    • Adoption and Fosterage Practices: An Introductory Note
  • Cesarina Casanova
    • Adoption and Agnation. Some Reflections
  • Maria Gigliola Di Renzo Villata
    • Adoption between Middle Ages and Modern Era: Was it in Decline?
  • Maria Clara Rossi
    • Stories of Affection in the Middle Ages: Adoptive Children, “Children of the Soul” and Spiritual Children
  • Michele Pellegrini
    • More filiorum: The Problematic Integration of Young Foundlings into the Familia of a Late Medieval Hospital
  • Giuliana Albini
    • From Abandonment to Fosterage: Stories of Children in Late Fifteenth Century Milan
  • Teresa Vinyoles Vidal and Ximena Illanes Zubieta
    • Treated As Sons and Daughters
  • Nicholas Terpstra
    • Real and Virtual Families: Forms and Dynamics of Fostering and Adoption in Bologna’s Early Modern Hospitals
  • Lucia Sandri
    • Forms and Contracts of Adoption in Florence’s Hospital of the Innocents between the Late Middle Ages and the Modern Era
  • Salvatore Marino
    • The “Children of the Soul” of the Annunziata in Naples between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
  • Marina Garbellotti
    • The Importance of the Name: The Institution of Adoptio in Hereditatem in the Modern Age
  • Index
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